Monday, April 5, 2010

Norwegian Pearl, At Sea

The curtains in our stateroom are a soothing shade of blue-green, which gives the impression of waking up in the middle of the sea. Of course that’s just where we were yesterday as we spent Easter Sunday passing the coast of Cuba on our way to the Dominican Republic.

To mark the holiday, Norwegian Pearl was decorated with Easter finery and the Easter Bunny himself even made an appearance for photos. There was a lot on the schedule, including numerous family events like Ninteno Wii on the giant lobby screen and dodgeball for parents and children. Pool games were a big draw. For adults, NCL “U” offered a French Wine & Cheese Tasting, Grey Goose Martini Tasting, and Global Beer Tasting ($15 for each class) .

As for us, we’re taking a cue from the bottom of the daily schedule that reminds us we are free to “whatever”! After a relaxing Easter morning and a bit of shopping, we took advantage of an invitation to have lunch in Cagney’s Steakhouse. Breakfast and lunch in Cagney’s is a perk reserved for passengers accommodated in suites and villas. Of all their perks, I think it’s probably the best. The food and service were excellent and we’re looking forward to our dinner reservation there later on in the week.

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