Friday, April 16, 2010

Princess Cruises: Update on Flight Cancellations Due to Volcanic Eruption

The airspace over the UK and much of Northern Europe remains closed due to volcanic ash clouds caused by a volcanic eruption in Iceland, and we understand the air space may be closed for a considerable time.

The National Air Traffic Services (NATS), the UK air traffic control body, is providing public updates every 6-12 hours on whether the close has been extended, but we know with certainty that flights for many of our UK passengers have been cancelled.

The main impact is on the charter flights into and out of Barbados for UK passengers disembarking or embarking Sea Princess Saturday, April 17. Our current plan is for Sea Princess to sail from Barbados tomorrow as planned.

We have deployed a Princess care team to Barbados to assist affected passengers, and we will continue to keep both outbound and incoming passengers updated with the most current information available.


Anonymous said...

In reviewing some of the posts on one of the UK cruise boards some of the effected April 17, 2010 passengers who have Air/Cruise packages are being advised by Princess that the earliest departure might be Monday (April 19).
Princess is contacting folks as best they can from what I have observed thru the boards.

I guess the question is will Princess or any cruise line effected arrange for folks to get to the right port of call. In Sea Princess case, as it is a 14 day cruise, the ship would then be in day five or six.

Some of the cruise lines are now offering full refunds for seven day trips in terms of those effected now or partial refunds if they wish to continue on the remaining portion of longer trips.

Will be interesting to see how various business groups work with passengers without holding the Insurance card and natural disaster over them.

Example: As I live in an earthquake zone my House Insurance now offers that option. Though it doubles my premium, I've taken it.

The jury is out on this major travel effect. It might change where TA's become more educated in policy contents to ensure we make the right decision.


Mark W said...

My parents along with a group of 50 other passengers are currently stranded in Bangkok having completed a land tour following a cruise with Princess. Despite the land tour being organised by Princess they are now informing these customers that they are no longer there responsibility and that all hotel bills and even travel to the airport will be at the travellers own expense (the package originally included airport transfers).

Are all cruise operators treating customers in the same way or is it just Princess that is abandoning its customers? Will be interesting to see what impact this will have on customer loyalty in the future!