Friday, April 9, 2010

Norwegian Pearl at Sea

In the industry Norwegian Cruise Line has always been an innovator. For instance, the Norwegian Sky was the first cruise ship to feature an Internet café for passengers to stay connected at sea. Without that access, this blog wouldn’t be possible. Here aboard Norwegian Pearl I’m connecting my laptop to the web via Ethernet cable from my cabin. The speed is surprisingly fast for a cruise ship.

Small details make a big difference and one I find particularly helpful is the design of Norwegian Pearl’s passageway carpeting on accommodations decks. At first glance, it appears to simply be a colorful Caribbean design with tropical fish woven into a sea blue background. Look closer and you’ll see that the fish are all swimming toward the bow of the ship. So, to go forward, you follow the fish, to go aft, you walk in the opposite direction. It’s quite clever and helpful for those of us who are directionally challenged.

Beside our door (pictured above) is another clever feature—the cabin number is embossed on a “mailbox” where we find fliers and other communiqués. In addition, there is a dial to rotate indicating “welcome,” “do not disturb,” “make up cabin,” and “turn down cabin.” There’s no need to hang a tag on the door for the steward and it’s easier to remember. Little things like that, plus the abundant storage in our standard outside cabin make a big difference in comfort and convenience.

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