Sunday, April 11, 2010

Norwegian Pearl, Disembarkation

One of the highest and lowest points of every cruise has to do with luggage. First, there's the high point when your suitcases are delivered to your stateroom. After unpacking, your cruise has officially begun.

We found our standard outside cabin on Norwegian Pearl to be quite comfortable and, in part, that was due to the abundant storage space. In addition to six very large drawers, there was a shallow one in the "dressing table," ample closet space for our hanging garments, and a bank of deep shelves that held our laptop cases, shoes, and camera bags. If that weren't enough, there were shelves above the dressing table and more shelves above the drawers next to the closet, where the mini-fridge is also located. A table and chair, in addition to the dressing table, had Ethernet and electrical outlets conveniently located on the adjacent wall.

And the low point? When it's time to get out the suitcases and repack to leave. My system to make that process a bit less painful is to refold our clothing after it's worn and put it in a suitcase as the week progresses. That way, by the day before debarkation, we're almost all packed and the suitcases are ready to be put in the passageway to be taken off the ship.

We found "Freestyle" disembarkation a breeze, in part because we were offered the opportunity to join the Suites & Villa VIPs. We gathered in Bliss Lounge at 8:30 where the concierge Ryan escorted us ashore after the "Easy Walk Off" passengers—those who disembarked with all their luggage—had left. A great many passengers took advantage of that option and there was surprisingly little luggage lined up inside the terminal for such a large ship with so many passengers.

After quickly locating our suitcases and making our way to the parking garage, we noted that we were on our way at 9:05. Had we not participated in the VIP process, we'd have still been off by approximately 9:30 and on the road shortly thereafter.

Disembarkation from Norwegian Pearl was bittersweet. We loved the Freestyle life on board, yet we're glad to be home with memories of an enjoyable and stress-free cruise.


Mediterranean Cruises said...

Interesting story, thanks for sharing!

American Cruises said...

Norway would be a crazy place to go cruising. I think I will stick to the tropics.