Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sixthman on Selling Out, Ships and Dip, and More

Sixthman, the affinity travel company that develops musically-driven lifestyle events with an emphasis on themed cruises has updated their scheduled events by announcing that Cayamo is SOLD OUT! They are running a waiting list, so get on it while it's still short - Cayamo.com.

In Addition, Kid Rock's Chillin' the Most Cruise, Lynyrd Skynyrd's Simple Man Cruise, and Sixthman's 311 Cruise are also sold out and running waiting lists. 311 and Simple Man have just announced new artists! You can see a list of all upcoming cruises, including The Rock Boat, Ships and Dip, VH1 Best Cruise Ever, and more at Sixthman.net/upcomingevents.

Sixthman has also informed us that they are switching up the itinerary for Barenaked Ladies' Ships and Dip 4 cruise to maximize the good times! Instead of calling at Belize, they'll stop in Cozumel, Mexico, on Feb 9th. The change occurred because they were only guaranteed a tender port in Belize City, and if you've ever cruised (especially in February), you know that there is never a guarantee you'll actually make it to the tender port. With Cozumel, they have a spot dockside so everyone can get off the ship if they choose to go ashore. Norwegian Cruise Lines is awesome and they're issuing every cabin a $50 onboard credit for being so understanding.

Also, Angel Taylor won't be able to sail on Ships and Dip after all, BUT Sixthman has added several new great artists to the lineup, including ELLIOTT BROOD - a popular Canadian act, JUKEBOX THE GHOST - a super fun band who has toured with BNL in the past, Halifax singer-songwriter JENN GRANT, and "karaoke king" JONNY Z. The cruise sails on Norwegian Dawn from Feb 6-11, 2011. Get more info about the artists and activities at ShipsandDip.com.

Before we finish, I want to let you know about an exciting addition to Sixthman's sales options. Due to popular demand from solo guests, they have created the Independent Traveler Program for a few select cruises. Here is how it works:

Guests can book a cabin at the Single Occupancy Rate for a Two Person Cabin. If the cruise sells out, Sixthman contacts the guest to see if he or she has been able to secure a friend to join you in your cabin. If so, then the second guest is added at the same rate as the first guest. If not, Sixthman will match the solo traveler with a cabin mate of the same sex from our other guests in the program. Guests will be assigned in the reverse order of which they book, so the first guest to select the Independent Travelers Program will be the last guest assigned a cabin mate. If the cruise does not sell out, then guests in the program will not be assigned a cabin mate. Either way, the solo travelers are only responsible for his or her share of the fare and fees.


Anonymous said...

They have a spot dockside, not landside. If that is a quote from the cruise ship company, suspicions confirmed. If that is a quote from the promoter, enough said.

Linda Coffman, AKA Cruise Diva said...

Thank you. "Landside" didn't sound right to me either. I've made the change you suggested.

Becki said...

I'll claim responsibility for that! I was a landlubber until recently, and have unfortunately not learned all of my cruise jargon yet. I tried to paraphrase, unsuccessfully it seems =)

- Becki (Sixthman rep)