Saturday, May 5, 2012

Carnival Liberty: Service With A Smile

Everywhere we go aboard Carnival Liberty we are greeted by smiling staff and servers. The one person who deserves kudos for making us comfortable is a boy named Su. That would be our cabin steward Sugangga from the Philippines, who told us, “Just call me Su. That’s easier.”

Among Su’s many talents are creating the towel animals that passengers look forward to seeing on their beds each evening. I miss my tabby cats whenever we travel and brought along Pres (short for Presley), my stuffed kitten. He’s enjoyed greeting the arrival of each towel animal and has served as the unofficial “leader” of our virtual Towel Animal Day Care Center populated with puppies, frogs, and more.

We’ll miss Su and his caring attention when we have to disembark Carnival Liberty, but look forward to seeing our trio of tabbies—Elvis, Priscilla, and Lisa Marie—when we return home.

It’s just a shame that our real kittles didn’t get to play with the towel animals.

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