Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wind Star Renovations Complete

It's long been the subject of dispute...are Windstar's masted vessels cruise ships with sails, or sailing ships that cruise? In reality, they are both, although wind power is only used to "assist" the speed of the fleet's graceful trio.

Windstar now tells us there's a fresh new breeze at sea as their four-masted sailing yacht Wind Star (originally launched in 1988) is now fully renovated and under sail, the first of their three sailing yachts to complete what will be an $18 million renovation of the entire fleet. This landmark renovation brings Windstar's fleet to the pinnacle of luxurious contemporary style, just what you'd expect from the world's best private yachts, and perfectly suited to provide a vacation experience that is 180 degrees from ordinary—intimate, elegant, relaxed, unique.

Beginning with Islands of the West Mediterranean, sailing April 29th from Barcelona to Rome, guests will experience an entirely new level of Windstar Style. Soft, seascape tones provide a beautifully soothing color palette. All new teak decking and brilliant white canvas sails—custom-designed upholstery—stunning artwork and design. From furnishings to finishes. From headboards to hand rails. Everything is new, everything is complete—ready to welcome passengers on board.

Additionally, twin sister-ship Wind Spirit has recently joined their larger fleetmate Wind Surf in the completion of its stateroom and corridor renovations; both will be fully renovated in December of this year. Their debut voyages will be Dec 1, 2012 for Wind Surf and Dec 22, 2012 for Wind Spirit.

Images Courtesy of Windstar Cruises

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