Thursday, May 3, 2012

Carnival Liberty: So Entertaining

Carnival Cruise Lines ships are among the only ones at sea that still feature live musical accompaniment for production shows in the main show lounges and it really makes a difference. Here aboard Carnival Liberty the really big show so far this week has been Wonderful World starring the dancing and singing troupe highlighted by vocalists Bree and Bentley. The show was a truly spectacular trip around the world from Japan and Bangkok to Italy and Spain and finally the USA, all in song and dance. Due to copyright laws it’s unfortunate that I can’t share a look at some of the stunning costumes.

However, there’s more to entertainment on board than the show lounge. Smaller groups of musicians and singers are the unsung background to enjoyable nights on board.

In the Lobby Atrium we’ve been entertained for hours by the mellow sounds of Two’s Company—Mary Ann and Rex from the Philippines—pictured here. Mary Ann’s rendition of “I Will Always Love You” sent a shiver down my spine. Rex is equally talented and together their version of “Islands in the Stream” was equally impressive.

To bring the action and sound up a notch, the four-piece combo Music Asia (also from the Philippines) provides rock ‘n roll tunes on the Promenade Deck at the Casino Bar. They’ve proven so popular that tables and chairs have been moved aside to provide additional room for dancing. The range of their playlist is incredibly diverse, including everything from Jimmy Buffett to Santana. Mel and I even joined in when they slowed down the vibe with “Unchained Melody” on Cruise Elegant night. It was like prom without all the fuss.

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Anonymous said...

this beautiful young lady has immence talent in her voice, mary ann of twos company. night after night we sat in awe of her voice.I hope and pray something big will happen for her. She is one of the best singers we have heard on a cruise ship. Mary Ann if you read this, its from Leslie and her sisters.