Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Carnival Liberty: Signs of Change

Alchemy Bar
Earlier today I noticed a fellow passenger looking at the signage on Carnival Liberty’s promenade deck with a quizzical expression on his face. He wondered aloud, “What’s “Paparazzi and where is it?”

Here aboard Carnival Liberty, there are numerous changes from the original décor created by master ship architect Joe Farcus. In some cases only the signs remain as reminders of the interior design theme that celebrated the work of fine craftsmen in a variety of media.

Originally, Paparazzi was the wine bar where the craft of photography was honored. The front of the bar was a series of giant models of Leica M-3 cameras—a favorite of 1950s era paparazzi. Over the bar was a massive Speed-Graphic camera, widely used by the press in the 1940s. To complete the effect, a large flash bulb would flash periodically.

When today’s Carnival Liberty received Fun Ship 2.0 upgrades, Paparazzi morphed into the Alchemy Bar where they serve a mean Cosmopolitan (made with Chopin vodka, lemoncello, and cranberry juice). You might think it’s an old fashioned pharmacy, with servers in lab coats and drink creations concocted from prescription pads, but in reality it’s the spot to go for almost any drink that might cure what ails you. Just don’t ask for a rum punch. They don’t do that.


Terence said...

Interesting and lovely post.

Unknown said...

Your reviews have me sooo itching for June to arrive and my cruise on the Carnival Valor. The cosmo had me trying to jam a straw into my monitor.

Anonymous said...

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