Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cruise News: Embarkation Just Got Easier For Passengers Flying To Miami

Cruise Diva always advises readers of this blog who are flying to their embarkation port to arrive there at least a day before sailing to lessen the chance of airline delays and cancellations and, if that isn’t possible, then you should book the earliest flight of the day. For those of you who can’t arrive a day early and are flying to Miami on embarkation day to cruise on a Carnival Cruise Lines’ ship, there is good news—your cruise check-in will go a bit smoother with the new check-in service the line now offers at Miami International Airport.

If you will be flying to Miami International Airport and sailing with Carnival Cruise Lines from either the Port of Miami or Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale), you may now check-in for your cruise at the airport. Carnival will have two counters at Concourses ‘D’ and ‘H’ on the day of sailing to enable this check-in.

Here is how it works…
• After retrieving your luggage at baggage claim you will be directed to your corresponding check-in counter at Concourse ‘D’ or ‘H’—based on flight arrivals.
• You can check-in for the cruise, receive a Sail and Sign card and a boarding card that reads ‘Airport Express’ so you can be easily identified when you arrive at the cruise terminal. NOTE: if you wish to use cash for your Sail and Sign deposit you will be instructed to stop by one of the cruise terminal check-in counters or use an on board Sail and Sign kiosk.
• If you did not pre-purchase Carnival’s transportation service, you will be offered the option to purchase transfers to the pier during the check-in process.
• You must take your luggage with you whether using Carnival’s transportation service or other means.
• When you arrive at the pier, you will be directed to the ‘Airport Express’ security lane for a quick photo ID check and Sail and Sign check.
• The final step is embarkation pictures, A-pass and boarding.
Hours of operation for airport check-in: 8:00am-2:00pm


Image Courtesy of Carnival Cruise Lines

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