Saturday, October 27, 2012

Princess Cruises “The Campaign to Escape Completely” Update: Cruise Vacation Side Effects

Some passengers apparently have trouble adjusting to life on land after a cruise vacation, as was hilariously illustrated by Princess Cruises in their first “Side Effects of Cruising” video, which focused on The Sanctuary.

The video proved so successful that Princess Cruises has released a follow up highlighting the Movies Under the Stars onboard experience as part of The Campaign to Escape Completely. In mockumentary style, this new video further explores the withdrawal symptoms Princess Cruises passengers may face when returning from vacation. Shown is a husband attempting, without much success, to recreate the popular Movies Under the Stars experience, which includes comfortable chaise lounges, complimentary popcorn, and cozy blankets in the evening.

The Campaign to Escape Completely, which will continue through Nov 6, 2012, gives consumers a chance to win free cruises and gifts by finding a Princess Cruise Golden Ticket in their emails and by playing the “Ballot Box Trivia Challenges.” The latest challenge launched on Friday, Oct 19 at 3pm PST.

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