Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Grill" Dining, Setting The Record Straight

Black Rock Grill Dining on Silver Spirit
An email I received today reminded me of the Sesame Street song that goes, "One of these things is not like the others..."

Back up for a moment to earlier this week (on Tuesday, Oct 2nd) when Cruise Diva shared this information: Silversea's Silver Cloud Receives Extensive Make-Over. One item on the list of Silver Cloud's upgrades was the addition of a dinner option—The Grill, featuring Black Rock Grill cooking. Just as an FYI, Silver Cloud is the fifth of Silversea's luxury ships to be outfitted with this dining opportunity.

With that in mind, imagine my surprise when I received today's email from a reader with this quote copied from the Twitter post of a travel agent: "Lawn Club Grill so popular on #CelebrityCruises #Silhouette and new #Reflection @Silversea adding version on #SilverCloud." The email writer was confused and went on to ask if it were true? Was Silversea "copying" Celebrity? My response... "no, absolutely not." Silversea first introduced The Grill Dinner on Silver Spirit when it entered service in December 2009. On Silversea ships, the Black Rock Grill experience is enjoyed al fresco on the pool deck where guests grill their own entrées—at their own table—on super heated volcanic rock, choosing from a variety of steak cuts, pork, veal, fish, or prawns. It's fun, delicious, and requires reservations due to its popularity and limited seating. In addition, there is no extra charge for the meal and wine and alcoholic beverages are naturally included.

Celebrity Cruises' Lawn Club Grill Restaurant
On the other hand, Celebrity Cruises describes their Lawn Club Grill specialty restaurants on Celebrity Silhouette (launched in 2011) and Celebrity Reflection (launched in 2012) this way, "The highlight of dining at the Lawn Club Grill is the opportunity to serve as your party's 'Grill Master,' by being paired with a Celebrity chef to assist in preparing the menu for your table over custom-built, ventilated grills. Through one-on-one interaction with our chefs, you will experience a firsthand lesson in proper grilling techniques and other tricks of the grilling trade. Choose from a gourmet salad bar, à la carte "build your own" pizzas and more than 12 grilled specialties including USDA Choice Beef, poultry, seafood and vegetables. The Grill Master who wishes to demonstrate his grilling prowess—or learn a few tips—receives a complimentary apron as a memento." Reservations are required and there is a $40 per person charge. Wine and alcoholic beverages are not included.

The closest dining experience to Silversea's Black Rock Grill that you'll find at sea (albeit indoors) is the selection of Hot Rock (ishi-yaki) Plates on the menu in Izumi, an Asian specialty restaurant available on some Royal Caribbean ships. Menu items in Izuma are charged individually and depending on the choice of entrée, prices for the Hot Rock Plates range from $6.50 to $10.00. Reservations are required and a dining fee of $3 for lunch or $5 for dinner is also charged, which includes gratuities. Wine and alcoholic beverages are not included.

Maybe we should all keep that children's song in mind when regarding the veracity of what we read on Twitter, even if it was posted by a travel agent.

Black Rock Grill Photo ©;
Lawn Club Grill Image Courtesy of Celebrity Cruises

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scapel said...

What a pleasant experience to eat a gormet dinner under the stars on the Silver Cloud on a warm Caribbean night. Limited number of guest for personal service. WOW!!