Monday, June 24, 2013

NEW Cruise Review: Why You Might Want to Pack Your Own Pillow

Frequent cruise traveler Karen Segboer opens her review of a recent Alaska Inside Passage cruise on Holland America Line's Volendam with some troubling questions, "Can something as innocuous as a simple offering of after dinner candied ginger gone missing (and instead, store-bought cellophane- wrapped candy peppermints in its place) affect a long-standing opinion if a cruise line? Would a reputation as once being 'the spotless fleet' come back to haunt a ship with apparently not a clean pillow onboard to be found?"

Karen also says, "At the end of the day, I try to balance comments with positive and negative aspects." Here at, I always appreciate frank and honest opinions and hope you do as well. While I did take my own personal pillow once when faced with a stay in the hospital, I've never packed one for a cruise vacation. However, I might consider doing so in the future after hearing about Karen's experience.

Image Courtesy of Holland America Line

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