Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Harmony of the Seas: Why I Like It & Why I Don’t

Francesca Bandini of Ocean World Travel, a cruise specialist in the UK, has just returned from a short cruise aboard Royal Caribbean International’s Harmony of the Seas, which recently arrived in Southampton. Francesca has graciously shared her impressions of the largest ship in the world with us:

“Throughout the year news has been reported about the wonders of this incredibly exciting cruise ship, the only one of this kind: the attractions on board are endless and there is no time for boredom.

I was one of the lucky guests who got the chance to embark on the pre-inaugural sailing of Harmony on May 18, 2016. Other cruise specialists like us were on board, as well as travel agents and a very limited number of VIP guests. Needless to say, that I enjoyed the whole experience very much—the sumptuousness of the ship cannot be described in words, it is something that needs to be experienced in first person. However, I am more than happy to share with you all what I like and dislike about the biggest ship of the world.

What do I like most about Harmony of the Seas? The first word which comes into my mind when replying to this question is “Everything.” I loved literally every single spot. A lot of thought have been put in the smallest details. Yet I decided to write a list of my favourite impressive things
• Décor: all the furnishing is of the highest quality both in the staterooms and in the various restaurants and bars.
• Food: I tested various venues, I must say that I enjoyed everything. Particularly, the choice at the buffet for breakfast is incredible, there is everything for any liking: cooked English breakfast, fresh pastries, freshly sliced meat and cheese, various compotes and sauces, muesli, yogurt, pancakes, omelettes, homemade biscuits, a lot of fruits, dried fruits, nuts, delicious sweet toppings… I don’t think I could wish for more.
• Entertainments: a theatre, an ice skating ring, a jazz club, live music in various venues, cabaret, there is a great deal of choice when it comes to spending your evenings on board. Harmony of the Seas is hosting the biggest cast of performers at sea.
• Cabins’ balconies: very spacious and fully equipped to enjoy the sunshine.
• “Escape the room” by Puzzle Break: this is the first time that a ship is hosting a puzzle game. I was one of the first to try out the whole game: we had to escape from a shuttle and we had only one hour to get all the clues.
What do I dislike of Harmony of the Seas?
• No covered pool: there is not a covered pool where you can relax in case the weather is bad. In fact, I could not try out any of the on board pools. We must say there are two small roofed hot tubs.
• Outdoor activities restrained by weather conditions: if it rains, all the magnificent outdoor activities are not functioning, such as the Ultimate Abyss slide or the Flowrider etc. This is a pity because people who have the bad luck of rain should have more activities inside.
However, we understand that Harmony of the Seas is a ship built to face only sunny cruising. I can recommend Harmony of the Seas to everyone who desire a high quality cruise with a bit of excitement.”

Thank you for your impressions, Francesca!

Image: Harmony of the Seas arrives in Southampton,
Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

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Harmony Cruise Ship said...

I went on Harmony Of The Seas about 3 months ago. I loved it. The shows were great and everything. Loved the water show