Tuesday, September 12, 2017

News Conference About Hurricane Irma Recovery with U.S Virgin Islands Governor

The United States Virgin Islands is taking steps to recover from the damage caused by Hurricane Irma.

President Trump to visit
• President Trump to visit V.I. in 6-7 days, to observe recovery efforts and use of federal resources.
• Governor to meet with FEMA Administrator Brock Long today.
• Governor to accompany National Media Tour of St. Thomas and St. John today. Governor states “We want wider world to know that the Virgin Islands is not off the list of places to vacation and do business.”
• Two cruise liners will evacuate 4,000 visitors from St. Thomas and St. John late today. Incoming cargo to include ice for St. Thomas and St. John.
• Governor has spent time on social media to debunk rumors of widespread violence, when no reports of violence or injury.
• U.S. Department of Homeland Security warns that it is a felony for private boaters to transport persons from the British Virgin Islands into U.S. territory, no matter the reason.
• United States Marines to be deployed in St. Thomas and St. John today to assess debris removal.
• Police Commissioner Delroy Richards says police will be forced to take action against businesses operating during the hours of curfew.
Public Servants on Leave
• Governor announces 20 hour work week to begin next Monday for employees on paid administrative leave since Hurricane Irma struck. Many will relieve public employees who have performed during and after storm.
• U.S. Department of Interior has expedited release of $223 million of rum excise revenue to the V.I.
Debris Removal
• U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to lead debris removal operations. Landfill restrictions require that debris be stored temporarily in recreational fields.
• Storm debris to be removed from territory by barge.

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