Saturday, June 11, 2011

Communicating Good Customer Service Aboard Carnival Magic

Only a few days into the inaugural cruise aboard Carnival Magic last month disaster struck for my husband Mel. No, there was no iceberg in the Med, nor was it a medical emergency. He'd gone ashore in Naples and then headed off to Capri and Sorrento. Somewhere in Sorrento his BlackBerry went missing. Disaster? You may say no big deal—when on a cruise passengers should turn them off and leave them in the cabin. For Mel, a small business owner, that isn't possible.

A colleague had a good idea—call the phone and see who answers. I called and was promptly connected to Fabrizio, a policeman in the main square of Sorrento. The phone was found and turned in to him. Although Fabrizio's English was far better than my Italian, it was difficult to communicate. And, we were about to sail from Naples so there was no way to return to Sorrento to retrieve it. Enter Sabrina, a Guest Services rep aboard Carnival Magic who spoke to Fabrizio about how to return the phone to Mel in the United States.

It took a while, but Mel's phone arrived in the mail this week. A special thanks to Fabrizio and Sabrina! Good guest relations by both the Sorrento Police Department and Carnival Cruise Line's Carnival Magic. Grazie!

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