Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crystal Launches New 'Private Adventure Option' Ashore

A cruise is a great way to travel to see legendary sites worldwide, but group tours can really be a drag. Too many people, not enough time, and guides that are sometimes out of earshot make them less than the best way to visit historic sites of interest. Not to mention what is often less-than-comfortable bus transportation. The Alternative? Until now, a private car and guide, which is often prohibitively expensive.

If you want a better experience without the high price, Crystal Cruises has you covered. Known for unique and creative land tours that complement its ultra-luxury cruise experience, the line is introducing a private shore excursion alternative for individualistic adventurers. Crystal's new "Private Adventure Option" enables guests to take already-organized group excursions-in a more intimate fashion.

For example, starting this August/September, parties of two, four, or six can opt for a personal guide and private vehicle to tour Ephesus, Pompeii, or the city of Barcelona on a shore-side itinerary already carefully crafted by Crystal's Land Programs team and its worldwide tour operators.

Senior Vice President, Hotel Operations, Thomas Mazloum, was inspired to create the program by his own Crystal cruise vacation. "While I heard how much guests appreciated the 'creative content' of our Crystal Adventures, some said they would love to take the same tour by themselves to make it even more personal," says Mazloum. "At Crystal, we are committed to giving our guests choices. Being able to really personalize your experience is the hallmark of a perfect luxury vacation."

For several years, Crystal has offered guests a "Crystal Private Adventure" program, which offers the opportunity to design customized land itineraries for individuals, their families, and friends. The new "Private Adventure Option" is similar, but follows established excursions in a private way. If guests prefer to modify their "Private Adventure Option" or expand the group, the trip would then become a custom "Crystal Private Adventure." Crystal's passion for creating exclusive, eye-opening luxury shore-side experiences is a cornerstone of its Crystal Adventures program, helping earn the line top ratings for two decades.

Launching Aug 14 and Sept 13 on Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony, respectively, the "Private Adventure Option" can be pre-reserved at least one week prior to embarkation by emailing Prices will be at least 25% more than group tour fares, but vary depending on excursion length, vehicle size, guide costs and sites visited.

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