Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cunard Line Limits Smoking in Upcoming Policy

Nearly two weeks ago we shared information on updated smoking policies at Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, and Holland America Line in Carnival Cruise Brands Extinguish The Smoking Lamp In Cabins and On Balconies. At the time we wondered about other cruise lines that sail under the Carnival Corporation umbrella and whether their smoking policies would be revised as well.

Edward Goodman, a sharp-eyed reader who saw our article here on the Cruise Diva blog, alerted us to a new smoking policy at Cunard Line that we were unaware of, but which he spotted in the 2012/Winter 2013 Voyages Brochure. We checked with Cunard Line headquarters and, sure enough, here is their policy that is set to be effective next spring:

The safety, comfort and enjoyment of all our guests has always been a key
concern at Cunard. As such, smoking is no longer permitted in any public area with the exception of Churchill’s Cigar Lounge (cigars only), designated areas on the open decks, and the upper level of G32 on Queen Mary 2. Smoking is permitted on stateroom balconies.

With effect from March 24, 2012 for Queen Victoria and April 27, 2012 for Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary 2, smoking will no longer be permitted in staterooms; however, smoking is permitted on stateroom balconies.
As promised earlier this month, we’ll keep you posted with developments from other cruise lines as we receive them. For the latest information about where you can and can’t smoke at sea, visit CruiseDiva.com’s Smoke on the Water.


Anonymous said...

CUNARD is not concerned about the health and comfort of their passengers ! Otherwise, smoking on stateroom balconies would be banned.

Smoking has been banned in bars, restaurants, parks, etc, all over the world. When will CUNARD learn that exposure to second hand smoke is dangerous, contributor to cancer, exacerbates other health problems, ie, asthma, heart conditions...

Having recently returned from a Baltic Cruise, we realized that Balcony Rooms are still only a cash grab, as, it is impossible to enjoy the fresh sea air, and, scenery with the vile smell of smoke wafting into your face.

CUNARD and smokers should display some courtesy to the non-smokers.

Allan du Manoir de Juaye said...

ONE THIRD of the adult human population smokes. To punish them by not allowing smoking is inhumane and politically ridiculous.

What is next? Perfume-free cruises? Peanuts-free cruises? Gluten-free cruises?

We are all imperfect beings. This intolerance is becoming ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

National statistics indicate that 20% of the age group "60 years or older" in the UK smoke, a parallel could probably be made to Cunard's UK client base. When are Cunard going to wake up to the fact that 20% of their customers occupying balconies who smoke are affecting 80% of their customers occupying balconies that do not smoke?
We have just returned from a fantastic cruise to Iceland on the Queen Elizabeth, everything was almost perfect including the weather in Iceland (22 degrees centigrade). Unfortunately our cruise was spoilt by chain smokers in the cabin next to us and others around us. The corridors also smelled of smoke in this part of the ship. My wife and I were unable to use our balcony because of the stale/fresh smell of cigarette smoke that lingered outside the balcony door. It did not matter whether it was 7.00am in the morning, if we wanted to eat breakfast prior to a trip onshore, or at any time throughout the day up to midnight the smell was always present. Even if you opened your balcony door for a moment smoke would funnel into the room and contaminate the cabin space.
We spoke to the Pursers office very early in the cruise to try to change cabins, this proved a non starter as the ship was full. We spoke to the Hotel Manager on the QE and lodged constructive critism of Cunard's policy. She was sympathetic but could offer any solution as it was Cunard's Policy to allow smoking from balconies. This fact is hidden in the small print in Cunard's brochures which we failed to spot prior to booking.
We have cruised on Celebrity ships four times and have had wonderful smoke free cruises on our balconies each time and had two cruises on Cunard ships. You can guess who we will be cruising with next time. I hope you read this post "Cunard" because we are two of the 80% of your guests who do not smoke who will be avoiding booking with you again until you change your smoking policy. Congratulations to Celebrity for listening to the majority rather than pandering to the minority.