Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Cruise Review: P&O Cruises' Azura

Join Emma Gray aboard P-and-O Cruises' Azura for a cruise to some of the most popular and interesting Baltic ports of call.

Emma shares that, "Azura is one of the newest and largest of P-and-O's fleet and as such has many modern and contemporary design features. The main atrium of the ship stretches over three floors making it the smallest I have ever seen on any ship, yet despite it being far smaller in height than others it still has an open and spacious feel to it thanks to clever lighting and the use of a lot of glass.

The Glasshouse is just one of the bars on the ship which I enjoyed whilst onboard. It has a clever design plan which creates intimate corners and smaller areas whilst still being large and open plan. P&O have created The Glasshouse in partnership with Olly Smith, a television and newspaper wine specialist, and it functions as a fine wine bar and restaurant. The food here was delicious and the bar staff were very friendly and helpful at all times. I recommend that any future passengers who enjoy wine try out one of the fabulous wine flights!"

Join Emma on P-and-O Cruises’ Azura cruising through the beautiful Baltic

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