Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gifting Travel Souvenirs

When my husband Mel's friend heard we'd be in Venice last month he had a request. Could we get his granddaughter a Murano glass ring? That wouldn’t have been a problem, if we’d had time to shop. We didn’t. However, in a previous trip to Venice I purchased several inexpensive Murano glass items, including the heart pendant pictured here and a Murano beaded bracelet, which I offered to Mel’s friend for his granddaughter. It wasn’t expensive and was just waiting in my “souvenir box” to be given to a 12-year old girl who’d broken her treasured Murano glass piece.

Whenever we travel I often pick up souvenirs for gifts. I don’t necessarily have a recipient in mind when I shop, but everything I buy always finds a home eventually. What sort of souvenirs make good gifts? I look for things that are symbolic of a place, such as the items of Murano glass and colorful pottery from Taormina, Sicily. From the Caribbean, tee-shirts are always a good buy.

On your next cruise, look for souvenirs that your friends and family will love receiving as much as you enjoy giving them.

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