Monday, June 13, 2011

Paper Luggage Tag Holders For Cruises

As we gathered in the lobby of our hotel outside Venice to await the bus transfer to Carnival Magic last month it became apparent that some of the group members were having a problem with their paper luggage tags. They'd printed them out, but hadn't given much thought as to how to actually attach them to their suitcases. One couple had laminated them before leaving home with a laminating machine (as a travel agent, he must do that for his customers). Ours were folded and tucked into secure plastic luggage tag holders specifically designed for that purpose. Fortunately for those who hadn't planned ahead, the hotel front desk had a stapler. However, before the desk clerk produced it we received numerous positive comments on the luggage tag holders and what a convenience they are. Not only that, the stapled on paper tags are pretty flimsy on their own.

"Where did you get the luggage tag holders?" We were asked that over and over. The holders pictured here are from WCBS4 Printing, whose web site says:

Based on the many requests we have had from our clients about the new print-your-own paper "luggage tags" now supplied by cruise lines, WCBS is happy to announce we have the NEW, customizable CruiseTags especially designed for cruises.

Clear for easy reading, it holds the luggage tag and easily attaches to luggage with a supplied loop.

• 3-1/4" wide by 6-3/8" tall.
• For print-your-own paper "luggage tags" now supplied by cruise lines.
• Super strong. Made from double laminated PVC.
• Sturdy plastic strap for ease of attaching to all types of luggage.
• Porters can easily see read passenger's name, ship, and state room through tag.

While this product is clearly aimed at travel agents who want to provide a service for their clients, and are priced for bulk purchases, the tag holders can be ordered plain (without an agency logo or name on them) and would be an ideal "extra" to order for large families and other groups cruising together. Think about the convenience, security, and what a hero you would be to your friends and family for providing them.


Anonymous said...

I have tried to get these in the UK. Does anyone know where I can get them.

Ordering them from the USA is expensive for the postage.

Linda Coffman, AKA Cruise Diva said...

Sorry, but I don't know of a source in the UK. Perhaps a large travel agency might be able to assist you.


Anonymous said...

you can get luggage tags in the Uk from

I got mine there and are very strong and reasonably priced.

Fred Basset said...


You can get luggage tags from in the UK

I have just bought some of the standard and they are very good.

Anonymous said...

Another UK source for Luggage e-tag holders is Cruise Gift Store ( I used them on my last cruise and they worked perfectly.

Unknown said...

Luggage tag holders keep the tags safe from getting torn hence the tags must be kept inside them. Thanks for the post.

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Mary Smith said...

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