Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cruise Travel News: Dengue Fever Health Advisory

Dr. Grant Tarling, Chief Medical Officer of Princess Cruises has issued the following advisory to Princess passengers.

"We would like to advise you of widespread activity of dengue fever reported throughout the Caribbean region. The disease is transmitted through mosquitoes which mainly bite during daytime hours. It is not transmitted from person to person. Symptoms of dengue typically develop 2-7 days after being bitten and include fever, headache, nausea/vomiting, and, in severe cases, bleeding problems.

The Bahamas reports the greatest activity over the past two months. In response, health authorities have instituted control measures such as fogging and spraying to reduce mosquito breeding sites on the islands including Princess Cays which is located on Eleuthera Island, Bahamas.

You can reduce your risk of infection by protecting yourself from mosquito bites by following these steps prior to going ashore:

•Apply insect repellent which contains one of the following active ingredients: DEET, picaridin (KBR 3023), Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus/PMD, or IR3535. Limited quantities of insect repellent are available for purchase on board and on Princess Cays. The insect repellent should be applied on top of any sunscreen or lotion. Always follow the instructions on the label.

•Wear loose, long-sleeved shirt and long pants when outdoors to minimize the likelihood of being bitten.

Please regularly review the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, which contains additional and updated information, and the CDC dengue activity map.

If you experience any symptoms of dengue, please contact either the Medical Center or your doctor if you have already returned home. Remember to tell them about your recent travel. Thank you for taking the time to read this important information."

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