Thursday, October 13, 2011

What Is “Cruise Like a Norwegian”?

As a second-generation American of Norwegian descent (whose family arrived in the United States from Stavanger, Norway), Cruise Diva has a soft spot in her heart for Norwegians. Naturally I took my first cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line more than two decades ago. And naturally I chose the SS Norway for that first voyage.

You could say that I “Cruise Like a Norwegian,” and now you can as well. If you happened to be watching ABC television’s “Dancing With The Stars” this week, you might have seen a version of this advertising video:

You might be confused about what cruising like a Norwegian means, so here’s the background. Norwegian Cruise Line, which now prefers to be known simply as Norwegian, has unveiled a new brand platform and national advertising campaign, “Cruise Like a Norwegian.” The campaign is designed to celebrate the community of diverse vacationers who embody the freedom and flexibility inherent in a Norwegian Cruise Line Freestyle Cruising® vacation. Cruising like a “Norwegian” is for those who live life to the fullest, embrace new adventures, and are passionate about their experiences. In addition, the campaign marks Norwegian’s first return to network television advertising since 2008.

Norwegian suggests that their cruisers can “Dine like a Parisian,” “Surf like a Hawaiian,” “Party like a Brazilian,” “Chill like a Jamaican,” and “Love like a Venetian,” among other things. An original score “Let’s Go!” was created to accompany the video. Television advertising includes one 30-second and two 15-second spots running during prime time on the ABC and CBS television networks, as well as on seven national cable channels, including Travel Channel, HGTV, MSNBC, and Discovery Channel.

Their new brand platform comes to life on board Norwegian’s ships when guests are officially welcomed into the Norwegian community and can experience the “Cruise Like a Norwegian” themed Sail-Away Party and drink menu; all new White Hot Party with “Norwegian” elements; special “Cruise Like a Norwegian” photo and video opportunities; and a revised farewell show, so guests will continue to feel a part of the Norwegian community until their next cruise.

I just hope they don’t take it too far and start featuring the Norwegian “delicacy” lutefisk on the fleet’s menus.

Video Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line


WebbieLady said...

That's an interesting idea for marketing... Cruise like a Norwegian! :=)

Anonymous said...

No one drinks like a Norwegian, at least in Norway. If you try to keep up, it will be clear soon enough that you are not a Norwegian.