Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Carnival Triumph Press Conference

Carnival Triumph Press Conference February 12,2013
Gerry Cahill, President & CEO, Carnival Cruise Lines

From a related story by the Associated Press,
The reassurances made by Carnival Cruise Lines President and CEO Gerry Cahill were in sharp contrast to what some passengers have told relatives about dirty and hot conditions aboard the ship, including overflowing toilets and limited access to food. 
Cahill said the ship has running water and most of its 23 public restrooms and some of the guest cabin bathrooms are working. He downplayed the possibility of an outbreak of disease from unsanitary conditions, saying the ship hasn't seen an abnormal number of people reporting to the infirmary as being ill.
London's Daily Mail is reporting an even more sensational story with a questionable headline,
"Carpets soaked in urine, sewage running down walls and onion sandwiches for dinner: Passengers reveal the dire conditions of disabled Carnival cruise ship that they will be stuck on until Thursday."
I recall hearing similar accounts about poop floating down passageways in 1999 when passengers were adrift on Carnival's Tropicale, which was struck by the double whammy of a fire and a tropical storm. As it turned out those stories were greatly exaggerated. While we are sure that the situation is less than ideal on board Carnival Triumph, we won't know the exact conditions until the ship reaches Mobile.

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