Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Christening Princess Cruises’ Latest “Newbuild”

Julie Benson Christens Princess Cruises’
Rose Parade Float
Every ship must be christened before it sets sail on its maiden voyage and even a landlocked ship needs a Godmother to perform the important task. Princess Cruises honored the nautical tradition by breaking a confetti-filled champagne bottle against the bow of its first-ever Rose Parade float before it “cruised” on its first test run in front of the Pasadena headquarters of Phoenix Decorating Company, the float's builder.

Princess Cruises Vice President of Public Relations Julie Benson served as the float’s godmother and pronounced, “I name this float Regal Princess. May God bless her and all who cruise down Colorado Boulevard on her.”

Depicting the cruise line’s newest ship Regal Princess symbolically sailing through some of the world’s most fascinating destinations and iconic landmarks, the Rose Parade float will pay tribute to The Love Boat television show that made Princess Cruises one of the most famous names in cruising and kick off a year of 50th anniversary celebrations in 2015. As a special feature, the six original cast members of The Love Boat will ride on the float’s bow.

Princess Cruises’ Rose Parade float will be 60 feet long and 24 feet high, and will be decorated with more than 24,000 thousand flowers and natural materials.

The Rose Parade has been a world-renowned tradition since 1890 and is broadcast to approximately 80 million viewers around the world every New Year’s Day.

Image Courtesy Princess Cruises

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