Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Princess Cruises Introduces New Mobile App Feature on Regal Princess

It seems that everyone wants to remain “connected” at all times these days, even while on a cruise vacation. Princess Cruises is high on the list of cruise lines that have introduced smartphone/tablet apps for that purpose and theirs is now even more useful.

Princess Cruises initially introduced the Princess@Sea mobile app aboard Royal Princess in 2013 giving guests the ability to check the day’s events and activities, review the ship’s itinerary and port guides, browse restaurant menus, and even access their stateroom account. Moving forward, Regal Princess guests will also have the opportunity to connect with their fellow cruisers with the debut of Princess@Sea Messenger, a free mobile messenger feature offering guests an easy way to share updates and make plans during their cruise vacation.

The Princess@Sea Messenger is integrated in the complimentary Princess@Sea mobile app, accessed with Apple- or Android-enabled smartphone or tablet browsers. After it debuts on Regal Princess in November it will be rolled out to all ships in the fleet by the end of 2015. Guests will be able to download Princess@Sea Messenger for free before sailing at the Apple or Android App Store or on board with the purchase of an internet package.

The best news is that once the app is downloaded, there is no charge to use the Princess@Sea Messenger service while on board because you access it via the ship’s free WiFi zone! Limited messaging functionality will also be available in Princess@Sea without downloading the app.

“We know it’s important for our guests to be able to stay in touch with their fellow cruisers,” said Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises president. “With the new Princess@Sea Messenger we’re making it even easier for them to share their experiences, stay in touch and even make new friends.”

While I’m a long-time BlackBerry smartphone user myself (and, sadly, there is no Princess app for those of us stuck in the world of BlackBerry), my husband Mel has recently upgraded to an iPhone and my next upgrade will be to one as well. I appreciate Apple’s devices and that’s my iPod Touch pictured here. Since I’ve found that it does nearly everything Mel’s iPhone and my iPad Mini does, it should work for on board messaging as well until my phone upgrade happens. We can now leave those annoying two-way radios where they belong—in a drawer at home.

Regal Princess begins her Caribbean cruise season on November 6th with a short preview sailing, followed by a schedule of 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruises to ports including St. Thomas, St. Maarten, and Princess Cays in the Bahamas.

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Anonymous said...

Well even though I have searched the Internet and actually called Princess Cruise lines 3timesI have not been able to find the app princess@sea. They tell me that it's on the ship that I'll be going on and that I should download it before I get on the ship so that it's free but they can't actually tell me where I can find it. the Internet says the app store and that it's for iPhones and android products but I have not been able to find it and have not been able to find anyone that was able to find it

Chuck said...

Look for Princess Cruises Messenger.

Chuck said...

Look for Princess Cruises Messenger.

Anonymous said...

Per an email I sent today asking about how to find the Apple app (I found the Android one)- sent to


Thanks for contacting Princess Cruises. We are working on some fixes to the iPhone app. The messaging feature itself does not need the app to function. You can use the iphone Safari browser to use messaging. The messaging feature is active in Regal, Royal and Diamond Princess. Soon we will be launching in other ships as well.

Please let us know we can be of any assistance.


Princess@Sea Team

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