Wednesday, October 8, 2014

WoJo Wallet, A Cruise-Worthy Accessory

Many men place their wallets in the front pocket of their pants when going ashore in places where pickpockets are a common threat. A friend once suggested to my husband that putting a wide rubber band around his wallet would help to secure it in his pocket. Now, there’s something better—the WoJo Wallet, a slender, sporty wallet ideal for carrying a cruise keycard and more.

Even women will enjoy the convenience of a WoJo Wallet when a small evening bag is called for. Its slim design eliminates bulk in any pocket or purse and it can even be tucked discretely into a sports bra when working out in the ship’s gym.

The silicone and neoprene-lined sleeve can hold your cards, driver’s license, some cash, and even a key thanks to the trusty outer band. And that outer band will also hold it securely in your purse or pocket—no more hunting for a wide rubber band or fumbling with a heavy wallet. It stays snugly in place and is hard to steal or lose. Take it to the beach and Wojo Wallet is even safe in the water. Not only is it water-resistant, but it also floats—I tested it and it dries off quickly as well.

Wojo Wallet comes in several stylish colors and is soon to be released in collegiate colors with team logos. For additional information, visit

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