Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Perfect Pillow For Travel

Over the years my husband Mel and I have used a number of different travel pillows on planes. From inflatable to memory foam, none have been ideal. The air-filled pillows tend to deflate during flight and their plastic-y material shell has always irritated my skin. Purchased in an airport shop, my memory foam pillow flattened out after a couple uses—its "memory" was too good to last over the long haul. Then there was a pillow I got free from Delta. While its cover was kind to my skin, it was filled with something, actually too much of something.

Enter Myllow, an ingenious fully adjustable travel neck pillow filled with micro-beads. It's comfy as is, with a plush covering on one side and silky cover on the other. But if you want a firmer feel, just pull the drawstrings on either side in opposite directions to adjust it to your comfort level and snap it together to keep it cecurely in place. There is even a pocket to hold your iPod, phone, or reading glasses. Very nice to have your devices secured and at hand while you sleep.

But wait—unzip the opening in the back, pull out the fabric inside, and transfer the beads to create a square pillow. Like I said, it's really an ingenious design. Use Myllow as a neck pillow or tuck it behind you as a back pillow. Then relax and have a comfortable flight. Or drive—I can see using it on road trips as well.

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