Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chair Hogs Beware

Peak time on the Pool Deck
A sight you're likely to encounter on almost any ship is rows of poolside lounge chairs with towels and personal items on them, but no people. That's the scourge of the Chair Hogs, those passengers who arise before dawn and set about 'saving' loungers in prime territory. After depositing their belongings, they wander off to breakfast or even go back to bed content in the knowledge that they've beaten everyone else to the best chair by the pool.

That practice has always been frowned upon and passengers are warned not to practice chair saving. However, until now, nothing much has been done about the situation. That's changing for the better and cruise lines such as Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Lines are taking measures to prevent it. When pool attendants notice a chair occupied only by a towel and and other stuff, they put a warning note on it with the current time. After an allotted period, usually 30 or 40 minutes, the chair is set free when the attendants remove whatever has been used to 'save' it. Those items are then put in a secure location for their owner to retrieve.

Has this policing method worked? Only time will tell, but it's made a lot of sun worshipers happy when more chairs are available. As far as the Chair Hogs go...they are just plain rude so we don't care what they think.

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Anonymous said...

Why bother to put their stuff in a secure place? As far as I'm concerned, if the people on either side have no idea, it's abandoned.

If the cretin returns in a snit, I speak French, certainly not English or Spanish.

I am especially intertained by the fellow, or often times the mamma, who finds a chair in the shady part of the deck and drags it the full length of the ship to a sunny spot, collecting everything lying in his/her/its path.

The basic problem with chairs of any sort is that there are just too damn many people on the ship in the first place.