Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Travel Guard North America Providing Free Assistance Services to U.S. & Canadian Travelers Affected by Tropical Storm Isaac

As Tropical Storm Isaac continues on its path through the Gulf of Mexico, Travel Guard North America® has announced that it will provide emergency travel and medical assistance services free to all U.S. and Canadian travelers and their families affected by the storm. Travel Guard’s free services offer travelers emergency travel assistance such as flight rebooking, hotel booking, emergency cash coordination and message relay, as well as emergency medical assistance including referrals, access to air ambulance and medical providers and more.

Travelers and their families seeking Travel Guard’s assistance services can reach the company directly by calling (866) 644-6811. Travel Guard has experienced a considerable increase in call volume over the past several days and has already assisted a number of its customers with rescheduling flights and other travel arrangements.

Though Tropical Storm Isaac has not yet been named a hurricane, the threat that it poses to the U.S. Gulf Coast may be imminent and being prepared is a necessity.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) recently changed its hurricane outlook for 2012, projecting an above-normal Atlantic hurricane season due to El Niño. For those planning to travel during this time, purchasing a travel insurance plan can provide helpful assistance in the event of a travel disruption or emergency, as well as reimbursement for losses due to covered reasons. Travelers should keep in mind that, even if their final destination is not affected by a hurricane, they may still experience trip disruptions due to hurricane-related airline delays and cancellations.

“Tropical storm and hurricane rumblings should encourage travelers to plan carefully for their next trip. Keeping travel interruptions top of mind, such as a hurricane or tropical storm, is always a best practice before you begin your travels,” said Carol Mueller, Vice President at Travel Guard. “Tropical Storm Isaac is a reminder that inclement weather can arise and change quickly, so it’s important to be prepared.”

Travel Guard’s assistance service centers have access to the most current information regarding airline flight schedules, can act as emergency travel counselors and are prepared to help travelers with alternative travel solutions. For more information about Travel Guard, travelers can talk to their travel agent, visit TravelGuard.com or call Travel Guard’s World Service Center at 1.800.826.1300.

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