Friday, August 24, 2012

Cruise News: Specialty Dining Package Available on Norwegian Cruise Line Fleet

One of the highlights of a cruise on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship is the dining experience. We love the choices the specialty restaurants offer us, but have to budget wisely because the charges can add up.

To make the restaurants more appealing—and give our wallets a break—Norwegian Cruise Line is introducing a new Specialty Dining Package, “Signature Trio,” that gives guests the unique opportunity to pre-purchase three specialty restaurants prior to sailing at a special rate. Guests who take advantage of Norwegian’s Specialty Dining Package can experience three of the line’s most popular specialty restaurants: the steakhouse, French bistro, and Italian restaurant at a special package rate of $47 per person. The offer is currently available on all ships fleet wide.

The Signature Trio gives guests a taste of something deliciously new and the opportunity to experience three of the line’s most popular restaurants. Diners will delight in Norwegian’s signature steakhouse, featuring succulent grilled steaks, perfectly cooked double cut lamb chops and other delectable steakhouse favorites. Also included in the trio is Norwegian’s signature French bistro, where guests will enjoy French favorites such as escargot, coq au vin and a spectacular vanilla crème brulee for dessert. The third specialty restaurant included in the trio is Norwegian’s traditional Italian restaurant, where guests will feast on a variety of pastas, made-to-order specialty pizzas, and other Italian favorites such as chicken Parmesan and osso bucco in a casual atmosphere. Normally, surcharges for those three would set us back $55 apiece, so the savings isn’t huge, but we certainly appreciate it.

To take advantage of the Signature Trio Specialty Dining Package, you will have to plan ahead. Guests with a current cruise reservation can either pre-purchase the package by logging into their “myncl” account on or by contacting Norwegian reservations at 888-NCL-CRUISE. The offer is not available for purchase on board. In addition, the package is not available for sailings that occur during Christmas or New Years.

Image Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

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