Sunday, November 22, 2009

Air & Sea: Getting To The Port On Time

For the second time in just a little over a year a glitch in the FAA flight plan system caused widespread flight cancellations and delays throughout the nation this past Thursday.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Intl Airport, the world's busiest airport, was affected as early as 8:00am, with JetBlue and Delta cancelling and/or delaying numerous flights. Everyone in the south knows that when Hartsfield has a problem, it snowballs throughout the area. No one gets off the ground.

Were you on your way to embark on a cruise while the FAA was working to restore their system? If so, I hope you were following Cruise Diva's most important advice to cruisers who must fly to their embarkation port—leave a day early.

Here's what you need to know about cruise line Air & Sea Programs and missing the boat. Air & Sea: Solutions for the Landlocked

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