Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oasis of the Seas: Restaurant Openings, A Spa Announcement, and Nasty Weather

Aboard Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas, no one has time to spare as all venues are being tested while the ship crosses the Atlantic and heads to her homeport in Fort Lauderdale.

From on board Oasis, Lisa Bauer, Senior VP, Hotel Operations reports in the Why Not? Blog that Park Café opened in the Central Park neighborhood, as did the the most exclusive dining venue on the ship, 150 Central Park restaurant (pictured here in an artist's rendering). The first diners in 150 Central Park included Capt. Bill Wright, his wife Kiki, and Bauer's senior leadership team onboard. Celebrity Chef Keriann Von Raesfeld herself cut the ribbon with a very large kitchen knife and officially opened the doors for the grand opening of her restaurant. The group for the first night was small and each night they will add more capacity to properly ramp up, right up until capacity is reached. Bauer pronounced the dining experience as "magical."

Back in Miami, and writing in his Chairman’s Blog, Richard Fain describes the sea conditions Oasis of the Seas is encountering, "The one thing you can never count on, though, is the weather. It seems that we have managed to time our crossing perfectly to coincide with the worst of a north Atlantic winter storm. That storm has resulted in relative wind speeds of 60-70 mph (a hurricane starts at 74 mph). It has also resulted in significant wave heights of up to 30 feet (significant wave heights essentially means consistently over a period of time). Some individual waves reach even higher. Capt. Bill is considering now what is the best course and speed for the ship to minimize the impact of the storm. I’m told that the ship is so stable that the crew can barely feel the storm. But on deck it is a different story and the storm is preventing us from doing the work on the outdoor decks that we had hoped including rehearsing in the AquaTheatre."

Meanwhile, on Oasis of the Seas the spa opened and Bauer "stress tested" it out first-hand. She had, "A Bamboo massage, which is a new treatment... With this massage, it is a partial regular massage, and then similar to a hot stone massage, but instead of stones, they use bamboo. It is heated and then they use the various sizes of bamboo and apply pressure. No stress in this test–all 100% relaxation. I think it was one of the best massages I’ve ever had. The spa actually officially opened for the crew today. There are 25 different treatment rooms, in addition to a full beauty salon. The salon has 5 manicure and 5 pedicure stations, an eyebrow bar, and full hair salon offerings. We also moved the Clean Shave services to the spa area as well."

Bauer let slip that they are getting ready to announce the ability to pre-book spa appointments pre-cruise and advises, "Stay tuned for the actual press release, I am sure I will get in trouble for even writing about it."

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