Monday, November 2, 2009

Oasis of the Seas: Under a Bridge & On the Journey to Meet 7 Godmothers

For last week's ceremonial changeover and flag ceremony in Finland, Royal Caribbean hosted executives and invited guests aboard Oasis of the Seas. In his Chairman’s Blog, Richard Fain describes the event, "Rising Tide Bar was used as a stage. Everyone involved in the ceremony came on to the bar at the Central Park level and, at the appointed hour, the bar was lowered and the ceremony took place with the bar in the halfway position. It couldn’t have been better... although we hadn’t intended the bar to be a platform for entertainment, it served that purpose brilliantly. The view onto the Royal Promenade was simply breathtaking. Seeing the Promenade in action with 1,500 guests (who only took up about half the space) sent chills up my spine. Somehow the ceremony really made more tangible the completion of this milestone."

Fain also reports that, "During the flag ceremony, we started the preparations for the naming and publicly provided more color on what we plan. An extraordinary and innovative ship deserves an extraordinary and innovative naming. For Oasis of the Seas we have decided to use seven godmothers because we have seven neighborhoods. Each godmother will start in her own area and then they will all convene at the AquaTheatre for the formal naming. All seven godmothers will cut a ribbon which will require seven complete cuts to release the bottle. Seven special scissors have been prepared and a special case holding the seven scissors was displayed during the flag ceremony."

She's on her way to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but first, the world's largest ship had to make it under the Great Belt Bridge, Denmark. With only feet to spare, Oasis of the Seas passed the landmark with her telescopic funnels retracted as illustrated in the photo above and in this nail-biting video of the event as narrated by Capt. Bill Wright... Clearing a Landmark. in the Oasis of the Seas Video Gallery.

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