Monday, November 23, 2009

MSC Poesia: Cruise Review

When MSC Poesia arrived in the United States the Musica-class ship had a second christening of sorts as she was welcomed to Port Everglades by television icon, author, and entrepreneur Suzanne Somers.

The five-night sailing was also the President's Cruise and Richard Sasso, CEO & President of MSC Cruises USA was on hand to host activities and events, such as this cooking demonstration. Sasso and the executive chef prepared delicious Vermicelli With Fresh Seashells and Cherry Tomatoes.

Join Cruise Diva on board for a first-hand look at the accommodations, food, activities, and events on an MSC Poesia Caribbean Cruise.


Gary Spitnale said...

Yes, I happened to cruise the MSC Poseia. I have cruised over 45 times in my life and I can say this was the worst cruise line as to food that I have ever been on.Our group actually thought we were on "Candid Camera" when it came to meal times.We were not alone when it came to food. One of our younger cruisers said it tasted like her Grade school food and would not even taste it..I did agree with her. Never Again

Rebecca Hough said...

Rebecca Hough I cruised on the MSC Poseia, 11/14/2010-11/21/2010. It was by far the worst music I had to listen to spanish music on deck 13 the entire cruise, no american music! I fell on deck 13 in a puddle of water no caution sign was any where to be seen, the ship said it wasn't there falt, I had 2 people that said yes it was thier fault, and wouldn't give me a copy of out statement! The worst food ever the same every lunch and dinner! If you wanted cold orange juice you didn't get it on the ship, it was watered down and warm, they ran out of good milk 4 days days out of a 7 day cruise! They had milk from a different country that made me want to throw up! I will NEVER CRUISE WITH THEM AGAIN!

Ruth Kuiper said...

Our 4 families cruised on the Poesia transatlantic cruise. It was a terrible cruise as far as quality, safety of children and activities went (to say only a few of the bad things). We complained to management in Australia and Italy on our return, only to be told that none of our complaints were logged by cruise staff and therefore we must be making it up. I don't like being called a liar and the way we were treated on board was well below the standard expected. Will not cruise with them again.

Erin Berry said...

WOW. What a 1st time experiance for a cruise. We had been told so many different wonderful things about cruising, and all the great activities to do even with kids. Yet to get on there and be served up slop on the first night for dinner I was only hoping it would get better. 5 Star meals, I DON'T think so. And to have people look at my kids including staff like they shouldn't be there really made me angry, we paid like everyone else. And then the kids club what a joke. The lack of activies and saftey issues. If I wanted my kids to watch dvds all after noon then I could have saved a damn lot of money and stayed home. To get to the point, VERY VERY DISSAPPOINTED, not a family friendly cruise. NEVER EVER AGAIN!! MSC Poesia September 2010