Friday, November 13, 2009

On Board MSC Poesia

The majority of passengers aboard MSC Poesia for this week's 5-night inaugural Caribbean cruise are Americans (about 2,400 of the 2,612 sailing) and there’s plenty to keep them busy.

All day long you’ll find exercise classes, table soccer, tennis, mini-golf, pool games, cooking demonstrations, and bingo. Making an appearance today is a unique challenge—lasersport clay pigeon shooting. While “real” clay pigeon shooting disappeared from cruise ship activities some years ago, the new lasersport shooting contest should be a unique test of skill.

Italians love music and dancing and the Zebra Lounge is the hot spot to enjoy both with the high energy Entertainment Team, which has been on hand to lead dance lessons, musical games, and the selection of Miss Poesia, the Queen of the Cruise. Other lounges are equally active with music ranging from soft piano sounds to the electric atmosphere of the disco. For a more sedentary late-night pursuit, movies under the stars on the maxi-screen overlooking the pool are occasionally scheduled.

We’ll let you know how we fared with lasersport clay pigeon shooting in Cruise Diva’s report of the entire MSC Poesia experience, so watch for it at next week.

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charles said...

Just returned from 14 day East & western Caribbean Nov. 14 to 27TH.
I will say it is a beautifully appointed ship. That is where compliments end. Food is below standard, waitstaff need more schooling. They will not move, you go around them. Table not decrumed before desert, and they stink also. Two week cruise and Shrimp Coctail one time. I asked for it other nights and was told "No". The good food was up in the buffet at lunch where there was also a fresh pasta station. The so called Productions in the large showroom were,(to us and all guests we confided in)pointless. great costumes, many changes but no ryme or reason to the show. Aside from that, in a week we saw the same acts 4 times. Thanksgiving wk. was bedlum. Price was cheap & kids were free. Dancing was dificult with kids running & jumping on the dance floor. No one said a word.
The cabin steward knew his job and did it well. The "Anamation Team" was the best entertainment of all.
There was not any "Skeet" shooting. On a scale of 1 to10 a 3 is all I can manage. I scaled MSC on the three voyages we went on the Melody, what a dissapointment. Melody is class, Poesia needs retooling in the front office.