Thursday, November 12, 2009

MSC Poesia At Sea

Have you ever wondered how your cabin steward intuitively knew when you left the stateroom? He seems to magically appear as soon as you’re gone and when you return the bed is made and towels replaced. Here’s how they do it aboard MSC Poesia

When you enter your stateroom, you must insert your key card in a slot by the door. That activates the stateroom overhead lights and also lights up a small orange bulb outside the door. When the steward sees the light on in the passageway ceiling, he knows you’re “home” and when it’s off, he’s alerted that you’re out and he can enter to clean and straighten up. Plus, the slot that activates the stateroom lights is an energy-saving device. You have to remove your key when you leave in order to get back in and the lights won’t stay on when it’s out of the slot. Thus, it’s impossible to leave the lights on and waste electricity.

Accommodations on MSC Poesia have other useful features as well. From the interactive television, you can book shore excursions, order from room service, preview items in the onboard shops, and watch movies. Beside the television there’s an Ethernet outlet for connection to the Internet from personal laptop computers and four outlets for electric appliances are located at the desk/dressing table. Two outlets are 110-volt and two are 220-volt. Just bring along a couple plug converters and you can use all four outlets, providing that two are dual voltage.

Closet, drawer, and shelf space is quite adequate for a week long cruise. Even standard bathrooms with a shower have a spacious feel and feature storage shelves on the wall and beneath the sink. Showers are outfitted with wall mounted dispensers filled with shampoo and shower gel. Bring your own body lotion as none is provided in standard accommodations, but leave your bathrobe at home—fluffy terrycloth robes are provided for use during your cruise. A powerful hairdryer is mounted in the top drawer of the desk/dressing table and a mini-bar completes the stateroom amenities.

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Little tips about the ship mean a lot to prepare the cruiser. Thanks.