Monday, November 30, 2009

Celebrity Cruises Rolls Out Unlimited Beer & Alcohol Packages

After the shops, bars, and casino close on the last night of every cruise, an armada of stewards delivers one final piece of paper to each passenger cabin. You find it when you arise that last morning and probably set it aside while you head for breakfast. To some, it's no surprise, to most it's an indication of what a good time they had during their cruise. It's the itemized statement of your onboard spending account.

For years, cruisers have bemoaned the fact that so many beverages, particularly adult beverages, are not "included" in the price of their cruise fare. In the past, "drink cards" that allowed you to pre-pay for a certain number of cocktails have come and gone, depending on popularity aboard some ships. And, while "soda packages" have long been available for unlimited soft drinks, none have covered unlimited beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverage purchases.

Celebrity Cruises has changed all that with the introduction of a beer package and two liquor packages. Unlike the soda package, the beer and liquor packages must be pre-reserved a minimum of four days before you sail, according to Celebrity Cruises' web site. When the order is placed and confirmed online, the order cannot be modified. However, you may cancel the order and then repurchase it if you change your mind. Celebrity's website also states, "To purchase beverage packages onboard, please visit the Guest Relations desk for more information." That statement makes it a bit unclear as to whether the pre-purchase is required, but at the per person prices below, we wonder if there will be many takers.

Beer Package
Enjoy a cold beer throughout the duration of your cruise when you purchase a Beer Package. Simply show your icon on your SeaPass Card, and sit back and enjoy your choice of domestic and imported beers. This package provides the ultimate in value and convenience. Enjoy an unlimited variety of your choice from our selection of domestic and imported brews. This includes Corona®, Heineken®, Budweiser®, and other favorites. *Starting from: $34.50 Per Night

Whether you choose the Classic or Premium Liquor Package, you can take advantage of an unlimited variety of the selection of spirits available onboard Celebrity, per person. Whether in a bar, lounge, or any of our restaurants, simply show your SeaPass Card to indicate your participation.

Premium Liquor Package
Our Premium package offers a distinctive collection of premium spirits such as Knob Creek®, Remy Martin VSOP®, and Patron Silver®, to name a few. Participants in the Premium Liquor Package may select spirits from the Classic Liquor Package offering, as well. *Starting from: $76.00 Per Night

Classic Liquor Package
Choose your favorite libation from our wide array of Classic brands, including Dewar's White Label®, Jack Daniel’s®, and Absolut®. Available at all bars, lounges and any of our restaurants. *Starting from: $51.50 Per Night


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